Who we are

A bit of history...

Raf Sound Audio Engineering Services has been started and run by Rafal "Raf" Deputat. 
Raf is a sound engineer and producer. He is a member of the prestigious Polish Sound Engineering Association (Warsaw, Poland) and a graduate and member of the Academy of Sound Engineering. Born in Warsaw, he started his career as a live sound engineer working with some of the largest live sound companies (GMB Pro Sound, Trias, JetEvents). He then switched to the studio working as a mixing engineer and producer, in cooperation with one of the most highly regarded studios in Europe. Raf continued his work in the UK now as main recording and mixing engineer at Adrian Rea Studios, as well as working with radio stations and live sound companies. 
During his career, Raf has worked with over a hundred of different artists and clients ranging from hardcore metal bands to jazz soloists.  It’s Raf’s experience in working with such a large variety of artists, combined with always maintaining his touch with cutting edge of technology and knowledge that makes him such a great companion in producing hit records. 

What we do

Service tailored for your needs

So what is Raf Sound? Is it a recording studio, a live sound company, or just a front for freelanced sound engineer? The answer is neither of them. In short RAF Sound is a business that is oriented on providing service to musicians, producers and anybody else who needs their music delivered to the audience in a way that will capture their attention. By not being neither a recording studio or live sound company itself but rather partnering with many studios and live sound companies we have the flexibility of providing right services in any place you needed for a very competitive price. Tailoring the right service to your needs and choosing right partners to deliver it is what we see as our unique attribute. And all managed from start to finish by somebody with great experience, knowledge, expertise and customer approach.
If you've ever thought that you like a particular recording studio but not the engineer who runs it or would like to be sure that the person who will be behind the desk on your next gig will know and understand your music - you are in the right place. 
Feel free to browse our services to see what we can offer or contact us directly so we can discuss your ideas directly. Oh, and don't forget to check what our customers say about us too!
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